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Facts on Blending


Homogenous Time

By blending product the initial mixing motion cause the different ingredients to mix. Eventually the mix will be homogenous, i.o.w an equal distribution of each ingredient in the entire batch. However keeping the mixing action going after homogenous point have been reached will cause the product to seperate again due to variation of specific gravity, fluidity and micron size of each product. That is why blending time and order of adding ingredients is crucial for to reach hymogenous state.


Colourants, Stainless and other factors

Blenders design allow them to be cleaned with as little as possible effort. Using colourants in your blend however makes it very difficult to clean out before adding a different batch. In such cases the blender needs to be designed sothat it can be cleaned with a pressure washer. This makes it important to mention exactly what products will be blended to take water and other factors into account.


Outlet Position

The outlet position of a blender determines the blending motion. It is more effecient having an outlet in the center of the blender but with the disadvantage of designing the blender high enough to bag underneath the blender or to consider an outlet auger/conveyor.

Automated Control

Our blenders touch interface can be completely customised and automated. Options for telling personell what product to add next, selecting recipes and recipe blending time already programmed per product basis.

Sine Wave Blend Action

Our Sine Wave Blend Action is a very gentle blending action yet very effective and effecient. By adding 50g colouring into 1000kg flour we take various samples when bagging and test colour units on every sample. With these test we can confirm the uniformity of the selected  blending time. 


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