Always in Control

Working closely with leading in technology brands such as Omron we bring you machines, lines and projects that gives you full control. Touch screen interfaces, Machine controllers, Remote tablet options as well as custom VB Scada systems, graphs and database control, you can rest assure that you are always in control.

Who uses PLC's anymore?

Meet the more versatile,stable and vibration resistant integrated Machine Controllers with more than double the power. One cannot argue this is the way forward. With a unified brain for your factory being in control is much easier. Monitoring effeciency and productivity is now possible. Offering more control over the entire manufacturing process highlights bottlenecks and problem areas for improved effeciency and higher stability. It also makes upgrades, maintanance and improvements easier and more cost effective.

Offering turn-key production lines that have minimal breakdowns and incredible control gives us the edge above the rest.  

We believe by making things simpler is making things better. Less is more. That is the principle of our control design. Rather than chasing the number of features we aim at the importance of simpler control with priority feedback. Having more control does not mean being in control of more variables but rather having more free time to be better in control of the important variables. 

With the latest NJ controllers motion, vision, safety and logic is all integrated into one solution. With a 125 microsecond cycle time and a capability of 512 slaves there is nothing to compare it too. With standard ethernet control and the super fast ethercat communication control it is simply the fastest and most advanced unified controller in the world. 

We call it "Integrated Machine Control"


We take pride in our panel builds. Reliability and simplicity is the aim and our winning combination. This makes fault finding, repairs and upgrading a walk in the park.

We introduce to you a batteryless absolute encoder servo system with over 9 million pulses per revolution and the ability to change from speed control loop to torque control loop seamless with ethercat protacol communication and a 1ms response time. Need we say more...

The all new 1S series servo.


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