Vibratory Sifting

Vibratory sifters is a very accurate manner of sifting. It also have an option of how many layers of sifting is required and for this reason are ideal for certain situations. Each layer has its repective outlet.

The vibratory sifter is self cleaning. The vibration makes it very difficult for the sifter to clog up.

The vibration on the Vibratory screener makes it self cleaning and a much better sifter compared with normal shaker sifters. We can also supply silicone rings and balls allowing the sifter to further get rid of any sticks and grasslike material. 

This type sifter works with only one vibratory motor and although slightly noisier than the rotory sifter it is a high capcity work horse for particle base and low oil content product.

Should very fine product require sifting we can fit an ultrasonic vibration to the screens creating a higher flowrate on light products.

Rotory Sifters


The Screens

The Screens can be changed within a 10 minute period or one machine can have two screen holders to bring the screen change time down to 2minutes.


Oily Product

If you have a powder product with oily texture or high moisture content this is the correct sifter since it forces the product through a screen. You might however pickup than a small percentage product might be larger than the screen specification.



The rotory sifter uses adjustable brushes to brush product thru the screen. The average lifespan of these brushes is 2 years.


Various sizes

We manufacture these units in various size. Depending on the product we can suggest different capacities.


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